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Jones Cannon Cemetery     Charity, Dallas County, Missouri

Graves not found: Samuel Anglen 1820-1905      Millie (Burris) Anglen 1821    Thomas Masin Davison     Diantha Jones 1871-1871     Gertie Rea 1885-1906

Gate entrance Jones Cannon Cemetery

Overall View

Overall view

Overall view

Row of graves in order front to back

Nancy, Perry, daug. Beulah, Calisty Jane, Mary Ellen and James Wilson Cannon

Old Cannon land pond

James Wilson Cannon

Canonsburg Pa 1811-1887 MO

Son of John Cannon Jr.

Grandson of Colonel John Canon PA

Husband of Mary Ellen Cooksey Cannon

James Wilson Cannon

Embossed with a hand holding a keyhole saw

He was a farmer and cabinet maker

James Wilson Cannon

His many virtues.... this noblest monument in his memory

James Wilson Cannon

CANNON written on the base of monument

James Wilson and Mary Ellen Cooksey

To the right of Mary Ellen is a small plot with unreadable inscription

Believed to be Calisty Jane their daughter age 3 died in 1864

Mary Ellen Cooksey Cannon

Daughter of Wilson and Rebecca Cooksey

Wife of James Wilson Cannon

Mary Ellen Cooksey Cannon KY 1823-1900 MO


Mary Ellen Cooksey Cannon

Embossed hand with finger pointing to heaven

Mary Ellen Cooksey Cannon

CANNON written on the base of monument

Calisty Jane Cannon 1861-1864 2 years old

Me with James Wilson and Mary Ellen Cooksey Cannon

Beulah Cannon MO 1901-1908 MO age 6

Daughter of Perry Madison

and Nancy E Davison Cannon

Perry Madison Cannon MO 1860-1931 MO age 70

Son of James Wilson Cannon

and Mary Ellen Cooksey Cannon

Wife of Nancy E Davison

Nancy E Davison Cannon 1863-1925 age 61

Me with Perry and Nancy Davison Cannon

Ellis Cannon 1885-1885

Son of Louis Ledstone and Laura M Atteberry Cannon

Louis is the son of James Wilson and Mary Ellen Cannon

Nancy J Strickland 1856-1877 age 21

Unknown if related

Little Willie Davison 1880-1883

Son of William and Nancy M Davison

Mary M Davison 1835 1908 MO age 72

Wife of Joshua Davison

Infant Gower

Baby of S.T. and Lizzie Gower

Hazle Davison 1901-1901 6 months 10 days old

Daughter of Edgar and Emma Davison

Joshua Davison 1835-1908 MO age 72

Joshua Davison

3 childrenof Edgar Francis and Emma Williams Davison

are behind this monument

Chloe Davison 1893, Hazle Davison 1901 and Ray Davison 1900

All children of Edgar Francis and Emma Williams Davison

Ray and Samuel Davison twins 1901 7 months

Sons of Edgar and Emma Williams Davison

Elmer Davison 1876-1876

Son of T M and C J Davison

Catherine Davison 1885-1908

William B Jones 1867

Son G.B and Dialtha Jones

Leonard Jones 1890-1892 age 2

Son of Garsham B and Parlee Jones

Louisa P Jones

Daughter of G.B and Dialtha Jones

William B and Louisa P Jones

Children of G.B and Dialtha Jones

Oren J Jones 1889-1891 2 years

Soln of J E and N M Jones

Sara A Kellogg 1810-1888

Sylvester E Kellogg 1809-1853

A F Dooley 1856-1878

24th Missouri Infantry

Alfred H Dooley 1856-1878

Garsham B Jones 1822-1876

Mason Symbol on top

Dialtha Randles Jones 1826-1874

Wife of Garsham Jones

Iniz Gower 1894-1908

Daughter of S.T. and Lizzie Gower

Cecil Jones 1828-1830

Son of JE and Me Jones