Mound Hill

Oldest Cemetery in Medina county

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Mound Hill Cemetery Seville Square, Guilford Township, Medina County Ohio


Not pictured: Margaret Cannon Lance 1816-1865 daughter of John and Margaret Bryson Cannon;  Christopher H Lance 1817-1880


Seville Square, Guilford Twp. Medina Ohio

Seville Library

Mound Hill Cemetery Established 1824

First Glimpse of the Cemetery

Overall View

Beautiful Statue upon Gravestone

Margaret Bryson Cannon PA 1788 -1825 OH age 37

Second wife of John Cannon Jr

John Jr. son of Colonel John Canon buried in Michigan

Margaret Bryson Cannon

She was the second person buried in this cemetery.

Me with William Cannon

William Cannon PA 1806-1831 OH age 25

Son of John Cannon Jr. and first wife Jane Fife PA 1775-1809 PA age 33

Isaac J Cannon and wife Margaret Bordner Cannon

Footboards in foreground say Mother and Father



Gary reading Inscriptions

Right side is William and Margaret

Small footboards say Father and Mother

Isaac J Cannon PA 1818-1862 OH 43

Me with Isaac J Cannon

His brother William Cannon in front

Isaac J Cannon

Close up view

Issac J Cannon

His brother William Cannon in front

Margaret Bordner Cannon

Close up view

Margaret Bordner Cannon

PA 1821-1885 OH age 63

Wife of Isaac J Cannon

Margaret Bordner Cannon

Close up view